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Phantasy Star Dynasty covers ALL of the "online era" Phantasy Star Series games. This includes: Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2) Phantasy Star Universe, Phantasy Star Portable, Infinity, and Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1, 2 and 3 as well as Blue Burst & Phantasy Star 0, with the best NPC Guides, story write-ups and an on-going comic book doujinshi style series. There is also an art gallery with traditional media and CG fan art of PSO, PSU and some DBZ.

The information here is gathered directly from the video games (Dreamcast, Game Cube, and Playstation 2, Nintendo DS, PSP, & PC), official books, and sometimes Sega / Sonic Team Sites, as well as observant fans who write in with help!

Current News:
PSO2 plot updates are ongoing: This game is big, complex and involves time shenannigans. Current status: Harkotan.

Hello, and Welcome to Phantasy Star Dynasty

This is the Site's fourth version. Updates will appear here as they are made

Wow, it's time for more not much to happen, I guess the change couldn't last very long. Episode 4 Plot 6 page is finished and Episode 4 Plot 7 is added but don't get excited.

A new story chapter arises, and Bethor yells "NE". Almost a full page of plot apepars on Episode 4 Plot 6. Yes things do actually keep happening, so that's a nice change.

First update of the new year! Someone new and annoying appears, and the plot contrivance is only fairly rotten at Episode 4 Plot 5. But, this does finish off that page.

Likely to be 2018's last update before the new year. Almost another page of story, but not a whole lot happens. Look for the debut of Boaty McBoatface's sinister cousin, though on Episode 4 Plot 5.

PC problems plagued the ability to update on time, so this one's late but not super big. There's a little more chat on Episode 4 Plot 4. But, more plot should be along shortly.

Something happened on the last update, so here's a return of the magical not-much because this is Episode 4. Fill in with some missed plot (around 3/24 the date on page Episode 4 Plot 2 don't worry you didn't miss much) and then move forward on Episode 4 Plot 4.

Pile of plot! With (scarcely believe it) something ACTUALLY happening this time, so there's a lot to go over on Episode 4 Plot 3, plus a new page too at Episode 4 Plot 4. If we shake our tablet hard enough, maybe we can manifest a green man. Let's go! (No I will not stop relentlessly jabbing the plot)

Caps-lock is cruise-control for a rage-rampage because the stupidity is reaching unbearable heights. Watch as people ignore mind reading machines as if it's no biggie, and even more nothing manages to happen. Will nothing happen again soon? Probably. Don't look forward to it on Episode 4 Plot 3. A bit more is on Plot 2.

Did you think the previous green-text ranting was hyperbole?
It's time to think again with this chapter where the previous shouting was justified. Will the sarcasm key on the keyboard break off? Read excitedly onward about nothing at all developing at Episode 4 Plot 2 . No seriously the biggest development we get out of EVERYthing here is "a man really likes boats probably too much".
Fun stuff: A new Link is added on the PSO Links Page to a private free BlueBurst Server & forum to interact with fans.

The pile of not much continues now with a new page. Episode 4 Plot 1 has more to see, then Episode 4 Plot 2 carries on. It's a bit less yelly but you can stuff a Rockbear through some of these plot holes already.

Episode 4 now goes off the rails in earnest as it introduces high-school hi-jinx & plot crazyness with the first real chapter. The name of this update is "We Rant Because We Care"--so there's much yelling to be had ahead at Episode 4 Plot 1.
The whole thing is probably gonna be super-whacked like this, the game takes a left-turn into nonsense-ville bigtime so it's time to get used to it.

After a delay & some figuring out, the Story becomes The Story Board instead of the matter board and Episode 4 starts in earnest with
Episode 4 Plot 1.

The MODE system has been removed, so now everything operates on "Episode 4-5 way", which alters how the game starts up if your character is new. The plot write up for Episode 4 also begins over in a new section at Episode 4 Plot 1. There's not a whole lot there yet, but without the matterboard's scattering of non-plot-giving matters it may progress faster.

With this update ALL of episodes 1-3 should now be complete, including alternate routes (yes all 4 of them on the one chapter) Once the matter board is altered/removed (whatever happens to it) it'll be documented in some way as a preface or wherever that belongs. In the meantime, there's new material on Story 3, Story 3A, & Story 13.

Final panel from Episode 3 (The Profound Darkness panel) now has a write up at Story 21. The only PRE-ep-4 work to be done now are 2 half-crowns from earlier chapters. Once those are completed, Ep 4 story work will begin.

The Dragonkin Chapter is now complete (full crown) with the "bad path that didn't happen" added on Story 1A as it didn't fit otherwise.

After quite the delay an update! With Demise completed, the "EX Chapter" of Episode 3 is now complete on Story 21. Only 1 story tablet remains to fill in, which is (of course) an MPA online-only event again. However, in the meantime the half-crown chapters to Episode 1 will be filled in as updates instead.

New year and still no new update because Mining Base Demise still hasn't appeared at any point that I can actually play it. Site's not dead, progress is still waiting on a random schedule & good enough team to beat it.

Story progress is still HOLDing because only 1 incident of an emergency quest happened between this update & the previous and (of course) the 12/12 MPA lost/failed the trial so no story panel could appear. The event needs to not only happen (at random) at a time I can reach but it also has to win to be able to progress the story.

Small note: Story progress is now ON HOLD because something has to occur specifically at a time when I can attend it to be able to advance the story further. Just what's going on? See Story 21 for the odd detail of it. So basically: who knows when the event will happen at the right time.

More story on Story 20 due to a story chapter. Then, more still on Story 21. The plot leading up to an EQ is learned, and not too many more questions come up.


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